Care instructions for painted and polished alloy rims:

The alloy rims have to be cleaned regularly from brake abrasion because those are metal shavings that stick to the coating of the rim under hot conditions. This cleaning process has to be done up to once a week, depending on the car usage. Do not use acids or alkaline cleaners! Metal cleaners, steel wool, scouring pads or any other materials or tools that could scratch the protection layer, must not be used.


Cleaning of aluminium rims:

- Before cleaning, large particles of dirt have to be rinsed off with warm water.

- Spray the alloy rim with a common, acid-free cleaner.

- Allow to react for some minutes (Check recommendation of the manufacturer!).

- Clean it with a sponge or a soft brush.

- Rinse it off thoroughly with water and dry it with a soft towel or leather.

- Do not clean yor wheels at car wash systems that use aggressive cleaners or hart brushes.


Maintenance of alloy rims:

- Do not use polishes on matt painted aluminium rims.

- Only use common car polishes or special rim polishes on polished or glossy painted alloy rims.

- Do not use chrome polishes or other chrome care products.

- Rims can be sealed with colorless liquid wax after cleaning.

- Surface damages by external influences (for example kerb contact, stone chipping or improper installation) should be mended immediately and properly because the surface damages could lead to consequential damage (for example optical impairment).



!! Please note that polished versions are not made for winter conditions due to their surface characteristics !!

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